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About songpa

Songpa-gu is one of the 25 districts of the capital city Seoul and has a population of 680,000.  Situated in the southeastern part of Seoul, Songpa-gu is surrounded by clear streams and beautiful nature. 
As a venue for both the 1986 Asian Games and the 1988 Summer Olympics, Songpa-gu offers international standard sports facilities.  Lotte World, which attracts a large number of foreign tourists every year, is also located here. Songpa-gu, with its glorious history of 2,000 years, brims with sparkling cultural treasures.  In 2009, Songpa-gu received a bronze award at the International Awards for Liveable Communities, endorsed by the United Nations Environment Program, becoming the first Korean winner of this prize. 

   Seoul Norimadang

Here in Korea, with its history of five thousand years, this land, Songpa, established a dynasty 2,000 years ago.  The breath of history can be felt in every corner of the city.

   Songpa Sandaenori (intangible cultural asset of Songpa)

In Pungnap Toseong(earthen fortress), presumed to have been used as a palace, 2,000 year old historic artifacts are still being found. Traditional Korean performances are held in the Seoul Norimadang(intangible cultural properties & traditional performances) every weekend. Among these performances, theSongpa Sandaenori in particular, designated as an intangible cultural asset, is a composite art performance of jokes, mask dances, songs and acting.

   Jamsil Sports Complex  

Tracing your steps back, youll encounter Jamsil Sports Complex, where the roar of the 1988 Seoul Olympics can still be heard. As an Olympic city, sportssculptures and national flags of each country which took part in the Seoul Olympics stand along the Olympic Road. The Jamsil Sports Complex is a travelers destinations for both Koreans and foreigners alike. Along with sports and games, concerts and other dynamic cultural events are also held on a grand scale here in the Jamsil Sports Complex.

   The World Peace Gate   

Moving on to the monumental Olympic Park, the World Peace Gate stands in the front, watching over the park. Sashindo (a picture of 4 guardian gods), representing the spirit of the Koreans, is engraved on the wall of the World Peace Gate and the gate expresses a longing for world peace. Passing the gate, a different world in downtown Seoul unfolds before your eyes, including an endless grass field, a dense forest, a large and clean moat and over 100 world-class outdoor sculptures. 

Sculpture Park                                                                             Mongchon History Museum                                          

   Mongchon Toseong (earthen fortress)                                   

Mongchon Toseong (earthen fortress), built to protect an ancient kingdom 2,000 years ago, a moat and the Mongchon History Museum, nestled in part of the park, is imbued with the breath of the ancient Baekje.

   Seokchon Lake

If you feel homesick in Korea and that your own country is far away, head for Seokchon Lake, a spot of everlasting reminiscence, located two blocks away from the Olympic Park. A walking trail can be found along this large lake surrounded by skyscrapers while a variety of concerts and cultural performances are held on the stage from spring to fall. 

 Magic Island of Lotte World                                                   123-story Building(under construction)

The Magic Island of Lotte World, the largest amusement park in Korea, is just next to this beautiful lake. Lotte World is the worlds largest indoor theme park (listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, 1995).
Next to this theme park, a 123-story building, 555m long, will be constructed by 2015. This building will be a showcase of the pride and economic power of Korea and will be used as house offices, a hotel, a department store and shopping and entertainment facilities.  

 Asias Largest Distribution Complex, "The Garden Five

Continuing on to Munjeong-dong is the Garden Five, Asias largest distribution complex. As one of economic centers of Seoul, 8,400 commercial stores in the fields of fashion, health, electronics, IT, bio industry and the high-tech industry are clustered together.
Next to the Garden Five, a future-oriented building will be established that will include public administrative offices such as a district court and a public prosecutors office.

The city of Songpa is promoting bike riding in order to maintain its cleanliness and pleasant atmosphere. Bike paths stretch like cobwebs and free bike rental centers add to the convenience of residents and tourists. 

   World Peace Gate                                                 Green Path    

The city of Songpa is proud of having the clearest skies in Seoul and fresh green roadside trees as well as fascinating night views. Enjoy the beauty of Songpa, harmonizing the modern senses with tradition!