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Seockchon Lake
Area: 217,850㎡, Water Holding Capacity: 737ton, Depth: 5m  
Seokchon Lake is also called Songpa Naru Park. The lake is divided into two parts: the east lake and the west lake.  As the only large-scaled lake park in the downtown, it is cherished as a resting place for business people as well as for being an accessible jogging and hiking area. It has a variety of things to enjoy thanks to Seoul Norimadang and the Magic Island of Lotte World, which are located in the vicinity of the lake.

Seongnae Streem
The Seongnae Stream is born in Cheongnyang Mt. and flows into the Han River, Seouls lifeline. It provides a resting place for people with an artificial fall, a swimming pool and an outdoor health center while a variety of water plants, migratory birds and wild animals inhabit the waterside area.

Water Way
The city of Songpa is surrounded by many clean rivers and small streams such as the Han River, the Seongnaecheon River, the Jangji Stream and the Tancheon Stream.  The 27km waterway, home to diverse trees, wild flowers and water plants from season to season, provides a resting place for those who miss the clear sound of running water and rustic scenes, facilitating a connection between peoples hearts.

Various Parks
Parks providing a resting place in the middle of a concrete jungle