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Historic City

Traditional Mask Dance performed in front of World Peace Gate
It had great success in hosting the Seoul Olympics and has been transformed as the most desirable city in Korea through urban development projects.

2000 years of artifacts
Tangible Cultural Assets  - Early Baekje Jeokseokchong (stone tomb)
: Showcasing the lifestyle of the Baekje Dynasty.

Pungnap Toseong (earthen fortress)
: This earthen fortress was built to make a stand against enemies. With its large scale and 
artifacts, it is presumed that there was also a palace. Many artifacts are still being excavated.

The wooden fences of Mongchon Toseong
: Mongchon Toseong (earthen fortress) and the wooden fences were also built to hold out against enemy attract. Judging from excavated artifacts, it is presumed to have been an important fortress in the aspects of military and culture at the time.

The Hanseong Baekje Culture Festival
Period Mid-September, every year
As an ancient country of Songpa situated in the vicinity of the Han River, Hanseong Baekje influenced Southeast Asia with its far-reaching, flourishing culture. The Hanseong Baekje Festival is held to reproduce the life of the times for three days in September every year. With a variety of events such as a Kings parade, a ritual ceremony and a market place reproduction, this festival is a highlight for the many tourists coming from home and neighboring countries like Japan and China.