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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

newly opened facilities

Idle Space at Rainwater Pump Plant Turns into the Small Library No. 5

The rainwater pump plant which is rarely accessible by residents is about to be reborn as a small yet solid neighborhood library. An idle space in the Jamsil Rainwater Pump Plant has been renovated as the [Pine Tree Hill Jamsilbon-dong Small Library] on November 16, Wednesday. When a three-story administration building was newly built during the plant’s remodeling works (306, Jamsil-dong) back in 2009, a survey was done with the residents over the idle space in the 1st and the 2nd space. 83.9% of the respondents favored the establishment of a small library. As for Songpa-gu office, it was a good way to save budget outlays for building an additional library, while residents nearby can read books conveniently.

Standing on the 510-square-meter site, the library has the library sections for babies, children, multi-culture archives, and general fields alongside a total of about 8,000 books. Other than that, a 120-seat viewing rooms, multi-purpose rooms and seminar facilities were built. It is expected to be a place of studies for students and a guest room for neighbors.

Contact to: Educational Cooperation Division (2147-2360)

Shop at Munjeong Rodeo Street and Get Free Delivery 

At Rodeo Street in Munjeong-dong, a representative fashion street in Songpa-gu, the ‘free courier center’ will be in.
Now shoppers can have their items shopped at the Rodeo Street delivered at home with no cost on that day.
The center has lined up two courier vehicles for faster deliveries. Customers who bought an item at a shop want to use this free courier service, they can simply ask for it at the shop they made the purchase. When they need to have their new clothes mended for size matters, they no longer have to wait for it to finish, making shopping at Rodeo Street even simpler and more convenient.

Contact to: Economic Promotion Division (2147-2500) 

Resource Recirculation Park, Park-type Total Waste Treatment Plant, Opens 

The theme part of resource recirculation, which is the first concept to be adopted for a park in Korea, opened on November 9 at the address of 692-2, Jangji-dong. This park has embraced the theme of eco-friendly disposal of wastes, enhanced convenience for cleaners, as well as a place for citizens’ relaxation. At this park, all the domestic wastes in this jurisdiction can be processed in a stable manner, and all the disposal processes other than incineration are done here, too.

The Resource Recirculation Park is mainly consisting of the disposal facility for food wastes, for screening recyclables, for large domestic wastes and other wastes. Among them, the disposal facility for food wastes is what characterizes the entire park where up to 450-ton food wastes are turned into eco-friendly dried fodders a day. These fodders are provided to the livestock farmers for chickens and ducks at a lower price.

The Resource Recirculation Park is not a simple form of waste treatment plant, but an ‘open park’ for anyone to visit and experience how resources recycling works and what positive effect it brings to the environment. First off, it demolished the walls around the entire park area and planted pine trees and a variety of flowers so that residents can find a moment of peace in a natural space of relaxation. In addition, the PR Hall for Resource Recirculation was installed to raise awareness on the importance of recycling and environmental preservation, alongside the regular experience sites and exhibition halls. The park is expected to become a noted place for education on recycling and environments for residents by breaking away from the old image of a waste treatment plant as an obnoxious facility.

Contact to: Clean City Division (2147-2840)

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