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Friday, February 8, 2013

2013 Songpa, sharing the 7 colored happiness

①20 minutes a day, 2 books a month. the Book reading Songpa

Books possess unlimited possibilities and holds the key to the future. ▲「Book reading Songpa」project will become the representitive project of Songpa. Since its launch last year, 「Book reading Songpa」project has been sharing books with the community and is planning to spread the culture of sharing wisdom throughout the city. Creative programs such as bookshelves in parks, two-row bookshelf at bus stops and book reading taxi will continue to be promoted to spread the “20 minutes a day, 2 books a month” deep into our citizens’ lives.

②Promoting childbirth project filled with baby babbles

Childcare is also a task the local community must share. As part of the ▲ Promoting childbirth project, the City Maternity Health Promotion Center is the country’s first governmental facility to support childcare. The center will feature 27 maternity rooms, newborn unit, ultrasonic wave unit, blood-collecting unit and program rooms to provide total health care service for pregnant women and newborn children. The center is planning to expand its service to realize equal support service to every citizen.

③The New eco-friendly green management practicing green living

The already world-renowned ▲New eco-friendly green management program also continues to make advancement. By operating the world’s first weather change aware budge system, the city has been saving bills through the project and has been sharing its benefits with its citizens. The solar power plant, Songpa Nanum Power Plant program is scheduled to expand. The program has generated more than 200 million won of energy support funds through its solar power plants, and the Songpa Nanum Power Plant program is currently recognized as a world-class role model in government contribution in energy sharing.

④Visited by the world, Establishing an international city of culture and tourism

Sharing various entertainment with the world is also one of Songpa’s new year goals. Reaching out to its new goal of becoming an ▲ International city of tourism, Songpa will be expanding Hanseong Baekje Festival to those of world-class festivals and will also be reforming its infrastructure to establish a more convenient and enjoyable tour environment for foreigners. The heavy traffic load of Jamsil area will also be improved to provide a more fluid and comfortable transportation network to its citizens and foreigners.

⑤Forming the happiness total care for elders, Songpa Silbeot-tteurak
This year, the city aims to spread a sound senior culture and provide an environment for a more culture activities enjoyed by elders. The establishment of ▲ Senior culture complex, “Songpa Sibeot-tteurak” will be providing the open ground of culture for senior citizens.

⑥Implementing new SNS media for a communicative administration

The status of being the No. 1 Korean administration communicating through the Internet continues in 2013. The city will realize ▲ City policy promotion spreading among its citizens through new media, and will utilize SNS media such as Twitter and Facebook to share various ideas with its citizens about various issues of the city. By raising the participation rate of citizens in city administration, the city will be able to accomplish the value of “sharing makes it bigger” and will contine to advance itself as a mature provincial government.

⑦Together with hope, Creating heartful jobs

The city will also continue to operate the ▲ Creating heartful jobs program. Songpa’s unique facilities of True Living Practice Hall and Venturer Incubator have been offering job training and trial venturing. Such efforts provided support to social companies to help create jobs through the Social Company Hub Center. This year, the city will operate Happiness Sharing Job Center to contribute to the efforts of companies searching for talent and job hunters looking for the right profession.

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