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Friday, November 22, 2013

2014 Ondol Welfare, Warm Wintering

We are Waiting for Your Kind and Generous Hands!
Songpa-gu Organizes Fund-raising Campaign for Needy Neighbors
Together with Seoul branch of Community Chest of Korea, Songpa-gu is organizing fund-raising campaign for '2014 Ondol Welfare, Warm Wintering' for three months from 18th November, 2013 to 16th February, 2014.
This campaign is a practical movement showing neighborly love based on Korea’s tradition of helping those in need.

With supports from private and governmental organizations, 25 districts of Seoul city and Seoul branch of Community Chest of Korea are organizing the campaign. This year is the 13th year.
All donated money and products will be used for needy neighbors in Songpa-gu. Moreover, even after the campaign is over, they will be used to help those who are suffering from financial difficulties, diseases, and/or disabilities
such as elderly people who live alone, single parent families, low-income families, and welfare facilities.

Practicing neighborly love is not difficult; it starts from participating in small things.
We wait for your interest and participation on‘2014 Ondol Welfare, Warm Wintering’ to help our neighbors who could feel more neglected during the winter.
Participation Method for ‘2014 Ondol Welfare, Warm Wintering’
* Period : 18th Nov. 2013 ~ 16th Feb. 2014
* Method : Donate money and/or products to the application desk for the campaign
(Needs to fill out the application form)
* Bank Account Number : 015-176590-13-531 Woori Bank(Account Holder: Seoul
branch of Community Chest of Korea)
* Application Desk : Division of Welfare Policy, and Community Center
* Benefits : Individuals can get 100% tax reduction of earn income for donated money according to the Income Tax Law.
Corporations can get tax reduction of 50% according to the Corporate Tax Act.
* Inquiry : Division of Welfare Policy 2147-2680/ Community Center

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