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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Greet 2014 New Year in Mangwolbong at Nearby Olympic Park

January 1st 7 a.m. Organized New Year Han-ma-dang…
Fly Wish Light While Beating Big Drums

* Date : January 1st (Wed) 07:00
* Location : Mangwolbong at Olympic Park
* Contents : Fly Wish Light, Beating Big Drums, Proclaiming Promotion of Registering Hanseong Baekjae Cultural Relics as UNESCO World Heritage.

New Year Han-ma-dang is organized at Mangwolbong in Olympic Park on the first day of 2014 New Year.
Mangwolbong is a hill meaning ‘Bong for viewing the moon.’
It used to be a place where scholars during Joseon Dynasty went to look at the moon.
Nowadays, it became a popular place where thousands of people come to make a New Year wish since sun rise can be easily seen in Seoul.
Gi Ryang Park, the main voice actor of TV program ‘VJs on the Scene’ will act as a MC for this year’s festival.
Songpa Folk Music and Dance Company will start off the festival with Drum Beat.
Then, various programs such as powerful song of men’s quartet, bowing to adults for New Year, sharing well-wishing remarks, flying wishing light, beating drums, etc will follow.
Especially this year, special event of magnificent laser show will be organized proclaiming the promotion of registering Hanseong Baekjae Cultural Relics as UNESCO World Heritage.
We wait for you participation on the moving site for greeting 2014 New Year.

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