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Friday, January 24, 2014

A Place where a Child and a Mother become Someone Special

Songpa Community Health Center for Maternity Opens on February 19
Songpa-gu is opening 'Songpa Community Health Center for Maternity' near the subway line 8 Jangji Station.
Songpa Community Health Center for Maternity is a place of public sector complex management for maternity providing systematic service of whole pregnancy process from the family planning to giving birth, and even the puerperia period.
The total area is 2,893 ㎡, consisting 5 story building.
It has 27 maternity units and newborn units, a nursery, health administration office, cooking class, excercise therapy room, etc. to allow one-stop total care for expectant mothers and families of new born babies.
Especially, an obstetrician is always in the Mom's Clinic located in the 2nd floor, and takes care of the expectant mothers and the babies.
Basic examinations according to the pregnancy period such as congenital anomaly test, Folic acid and iron support, and the birth information through the customized health consultation for expectant mothers are provided.
The new born units in the 3rd floor have facilities that are standards of new
born units in general hospitals such as bathing facilities, care facilities, and isolated treatment room, etc.
Songpa Community Health Center for Maternity is a place where one can learn about the parent roles and forming a relationship between a mother and a child, not just a place where mothers regain their health.
Thus, Songpa-gu is expecting many participation of the mothers who can enthusiastically participate in executing room-in, breast-feeding, parenting education and healthy life.
The usage fee is \1,900,000 / 2 weeks, which is reasonable price compared to postnatal care center within Songpa-gu being \2,800,000 on the average and at most \7,000,000. Priority will be given to Songpa residents.
However, the plan is to allow residents from other areas to use the place according to the vacancy rate.
The seven rooms which are 25 % of total maternity units will be first assigned to the basic living recipients, lower income family, multicultural family, and multichild family, etc.

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