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Monday, February 24, 2014

Songpa-gu Takes Careful Care of Residents’Discomforts of Living

Songpa-gu challenges on making discomforts of living zero this year.

To accomplish this, 2014 Environment Patrol Plan was established, and it will be carried forward from this month.

Last year, Songpa-gu had chosen road, park, air, car park, and cleaning as five areas of discomforts which residents feel uncomfortable in their daily lives.

To resolve these discomforts, catch phrases such as ‘Easily Walkable Roads,’ ‘Parks that Wants to be Revisited,’ ‘Clear Songpa,’ ‘Convenient Car Parking’ and‘Clean Alley’ were put up and ‘No 5 Discomforts of Living in Songa Council’were established.

Songpa-gu office employees were placed in repairing relevant areas and handled 16,328 cases of discomforts of living out of 16,359 cases.

31 cases were exempted because long term reviews were needed.

This year, Songpa-gu is pushing ahead with more detailed in-depth patrol.

Each month, Songpa-gu is patrolling sites such as major investment business sites and vulnerable areas to prevent negligent accidents.

Also, through pre-inspection, not only discomforts of living are solved, but also residents’ opinions are carefully heard.

Songpa-gu women employees also participate in monthly patrol.

By composing ‘Women Employees Meticulous Patrol’ each time, Songpa-gu inspects culture, welfare and safety areas.

Songpa-gu selects areas where resident inconveniences are estimated timely and seasonally to patrol according to the plan.

During March, street environment around school areas, children’s parks and sports facilities are to be inspected.

Aside from this, Songpa-gu is organizing‘Right Away Team’ which responds right away to civil appeals reports to solve problems right away; handling inconvenience such as illegal parking and parking violations which are reported through ‘120 Watchdog for Residents’ Inconvenience’ right away; and organizing patrol to minimize the blank in administration in holidays.  

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