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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Green Welfare of Songpa

Songpa Nanum Power Plant No. 5 to be Completed on May Next Year

Songpa-gu will complete building Songpa Nanum Power Plant No. 5 which has the scale of 1,000kW on the rooftop of 'Na' dong and 'Ma' dong of Southeast area distribution complex next May.

Energy & Peace organization will oversee the building of the power plant, and Seoul Distribution Complex Project Financing, Co. Ltd will provide the site. These two organizations have been jointly operating Songpa Nanum Power Plants from 2009.

Songpa-gu will conduct all matters necessary for promoting the business and business of supporting the poor.

'Songpa Nanum Power Plant' is a power plant for common good which reduces greenhouse gas by producing electricity using sunlight, and which supports the third world countries and energy-poor with profits gained from the power plant. No. 1 is being operated in Goheung, Jeollanam-do; no. 2 in Uiseong,

Gyeongsangbuk-do; and No.3 and 4 in Recycling of Resource Park, Songpa-gu Seoul.

Till now, Songpa-gu had produced total 6,950,000kWh of electricity through Songpa Nanum Power Plants. This is equivalent to the amount of electricity used by 2,046 households for a whole year.

The reduction rate of Carbon dioxide is 2,376tCO2, and this is equivalent to planting 1,060,000 pine trees if the amount of CO2 reduced by one pine tree is 5kg CO2.

Meanwhile, Songpa-gu raised energy-poor supporting fund with profits through operating Nanum Power Plant for the past five years, and supported poor households with total 294,000,000 Korean Won.

Targeted on the low-income families whose energy environment is poor, various businesses such as supporting high efficiency home electronics; paying for long-term unpaid electricity and gas bills; improving energy efficiency in vulnerable welfare facilities; changing gas circuit breaker timer; and attaching wind protecting materials to old houses are conducted.
This year, as the incandescent light production is stopped, Songpa-gu is planning to change incandescent light into LED lights to decrease the burden of fees for the low-income households.

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