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Monday, May 26, 2014

History and Culture Park to be Established in Mirae Village, Pungnap-dong

Songpa-gu is to establish ‘Pungnap-dong Mirae Village History and Culture Park’ that is 20,955㎡ scale at the site of ‘Mirae village’ within Pungnaptoseong(earthen ramparts), the designated Historic Site No. 11, in order to compensate the residents for the damages induced from excavation and reenact the history of the Hanseong period of the Baekje Kingdom.

There used to be houses and commercial complexes at the site of ‘Mirae Village’.
The site was to be developed into an apartment complex, but as Baekje occupation layer was confirmed in the test pitting, the development came to a halt in 2000.

In the excavation investigation carried out by National Cultural Properties Research Institute from May 2004 to June 2011, 736 pieces of relics and tens of thousands of significant artifacts from the Hanseong period of the Baekje Kingdom were excavated.

Since then, the site has been historically and academically reappraised.
However, the residential environment deteriorated from the excavation works and the private property rights of the residents were also partly restricted. Accordingly, the‘Subcommittee for Preservation and Management of Pungnaptoseong’, composed of the concerned parties from Cultural Heritage Administration, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Songpa-gu, and cultural asset experts, Seoul city councils, and representatives of Pungnap-dong residents, thoroughly discussed about the issue several times and decided to establish the history and culture park.

‘Pungnap Mirae Village History and Culture Park’will be equipped with amenities including sports facilities, recreational facilities, and resting areas, in order to meet the two goals of preserving Baekje Hanseong cultural assets from the Hanseong period of the Baekje Kingdom and securing the local residents’ sphere of living.

In addition, will fully restore the cultural assets from 1700 years ago, such as remains of streets, inner ramparts, and building sites of the Hanseong Baekje period.

As such,Pungnap Mirae Village History and Culture Park is expected to become a historical foothold, with which one can imagine the splendor of Hanseong Baekje, as all as a new tourist attraction in relation with Jamsil Special Tourist District.

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