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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Patriotism of martyrs, succeeded by Songpa-gu

Marking Merit Reward Month of June, 
Songpa-gu will hold ceremonial events including Taegeukgi (Korean National Flag) Raising on the Olympic-ro, national security photo exhibition, rally for the resolution of patriotism and security, free Korean War food tasting.

During the month of June, the national flags and banners of Veteran Affairs (236 flags in total) will have been hoisted on the central reservation and sidewalks on the both sides of the 3.9 km-long section of the Olympic-ro, ranging from the Peace plaza in the Olympic Park to the Jamsil Sports Complex.

A large banner will be installed on the outer wall of the Songpa-gu Office building, which will celebrate Merit Reward Month with the local residents. June is Merit Reward
Month: Memorial Day(June 6), The Beginning Day of Korean War (June 25 ) , and the Second Yeonpyeong Naval Battle (June 29).

Songpa-gu will hold events including flag raising toㅡ commemorate the sacrifices of the patriotic martyrs and the soldiers.

The Korean War Veterans Association will have a Rally for the Resolution of Patriotism and Veteran Affairs at 9:30 on the 22nd of June in the main hall of the Songpa-gu Office.

Three hundred war veterans are expected to attend the event which will be the opportunity to raise the awareness of national security and patriotism, marking Korean War Day, the day of commemorating the biggest national tragedy.

At 2p.m. on June 21, in the square in front of the Songpa-gu Office building (in case of rain, at the lobby), “free tasting of foods during the Korean War” will be held by Songpa-gu branch of the Korean Freedom Federation, so that visitors can taste barley rice rolls, barley rice cake, and boiled potatoes.

These food will be served for free to the visitors so that children, youths, and the local residents who did not experience the Korean War can know about the difficulties and hardships during the war.

Additionally, a photo exhibition of the Korean War and other issues with national security will be held, which will help the visitors to raise the awareness of national security for our Koreans who overcame hardships and adversities of the Korean War and also contemplate the meaning of peace and division.

Marking Merit Reward Month, this whole event will be meaningful opportunity to commemorate the sacrifices of patriotic martyrs and inherit indomitable will to overcome national hardships.

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