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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Songpa English Library for Children open

The city of Songpa has utilized the available space in the 4th and 5th floor of the Sincheon Rainwater Processing Plant and opens the Songpa Children’s English Little Library on Wednesday, December 28th.
The city hopes children will be able to access English books more easily and become more familiar with English. Since the facility is designed for young children, the reading room also has the baby(preschool) zone’ where parents can comfortably read books with their young babies(preschoolers). The library covers 443㎡ of space and holds near 8,000 English books of various kinds.

* Open Hours  Tue-Sun, 09:00 -18:00(closed on official and temporary holidays)
* Location  4th & 5th floor Sincheon Rainwater Processing Plant, 1 Ogeumro Rd. Songpa-gu
* Regulations of Lending Books  2 books / person for 7 days. Only for citizens of Songpa
* Contact   Children’s English Little Library(☎415-3567/3568)

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