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Friday, October 5, 2012

Smart Healthcare Zone

If you do your health check-up at “Smart Healthcare Zone”, the result will be delivered to a private healthcare institution for diagnosis.

In order to have early diagnosis and prevention of diseases, Songpa-gu has been operating “Smart Healthcare Zone” since April, 2011 where people could have customized healthcare maintenance.

At “Smart Healthcare Zone”, we use the cutting-edge medical equipment so that people could have healthcare check-up (blood pressure, body composition, etc.) without visiting the hospital. Their medical information is stored at the facility’s personal health information and record system and they could always check up their health status by visiting our on-line homepage ( or mobile home page (

Furthermore, in order to provide a more systematic healthcare system for those who use personal healthcare maintenance system, starting this year, Songpa Healthcarte Center has developed health care management system in cooperation with private medical institutions. We have made an agreement with Soe Daewon Internal Medicine Hospital, Seonglim Internal Medicine Hospital, Yeonseicha Internal Medicine Hospital, Yoon Seokjoong Internal Medicine Hospital and Choi Wonjoon Internal Medicine Hospital.

Under healthcare management service system in partnership with private medical institutions, when those who are using personal healthcare record system develop health problems, they could go to one of the private medical institutions nearby. During diagnosis, the data from personal healthcare record management system are supplied to the doctor so that he can monitor your health status, thereby improving quality of medical services you receive.

To use service, you should register and obtain a free membership card from personal health record management system (, receive health-check up from any of the 11 smart healthcare zone centers and present your membership card at a designated hospital.

** “Smart Healthcare Zone” of Songpagu

Songpagu Healthcare Center(Fl 1), Songpagu Municipal Hall(Fl 1) , Goyeo Healthcare Branch(Fl 5), Goyeo 1,2 dong and Macheon 1,2-dong Civic Center, Macheon Market, Songpa Sports and Culture Center(Fl 1), NC Department Store(Fl 7), Garak Famers and Fisherman’s Association(Fl 1)

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