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Friday, October 5, 2012

Songpa-gu Learning Development Center to open on June 28

 Many parents wish to encourage their children to have fun learning and develop correct studying habits. On June 29, Songpa-gu is opening the "Songpa-gu Learning Development Center" on the second floor of the gu-office annexed Haengbok Nanum Job Center in order to enhance the self-led learning ability of students and foster an ideal culture of learning. It measures 83㎡ and is equipped with lecture rooms, a counseling office and rest areas. Songpa-gu Learning Development Center will implement learning enhancement programs, Saturday and vacation programs, career/aptitude programs and individual counseling for students who wish to study but do not know how and those who are not interested in learning.

The educational program targets segmented groups of elementary, middle and high school students to schedule a wide range of customized programs.

▲ A studying habits class, reading habits class and presentation skills class are operated for elementary school students. ▲ A self-led learning class, test preparation strategies, studying techniques for each subject and a career exploration camp are offered to middle school students in need of learning strategies and career exploration. ▲ For high school students who suffer the greatest amount of academic stress and are fatigued by learning, a stress clinic, mentoring programs and Saturday academy classes are operated to give motivation and relieve stress. ▲ Moreover, for parents who are interested in character education and study coaching, special lectures and study coaching classes are operated to give proper guidance on children's learning. Songpa-gu plans to continue to provide a diverse range of customized programs and learning information to reduce private education costs and ensure local students grow to become creative and talented individuals by supporting self-guided study at the Learning Development Center.

*  Current status of Songpa-gu Learning Development Center

   ◦ Location: 2nd floor of the Songpa-gu Office annexed Haengbok Nanum Job Center

   ◦ How to access: Inquire by phone and apply for program

   ◦ Operating hours: Tuesday-Saturday (1:00pm ~ 7:00pm)

※ Closed Mondays and Sundays (including public holidays)

*  Available to:

   ◦ Students who do not know how to study

   ◦ Students who do not know why they have to study

   ◦ Students who want help deciding on their career

   ◦ Parents who wish to help their children with learning methods and career guidance

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