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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Signature Verification System in Place from December 1

Signature Verification System in Place from December 1
To Have the Same Effect as Seal Impression Certification

The signature verification system, which takes effect on December 1 to have the same force as seal impression certification, is for an administrative agency to verify the fact that a person himself or herself signed a certain document. Its purpose is to deal with the inconvenience of making and keeping legal seals. The verification becomes available by you, in person, showing your ID card, such as resident registration certificate or drivers license, while signing a document at any of the city halls, county offices, borough offices, town offices and community service centers nationwide. Those who find it hard to visit the offices, including people studying or living abroad and disabled persons, are recommended to continue using the seal impression certificate or wait until the enforcement of the electronic signature verification system scheduled for August 2, 2013. You can choose from signature verification and seal impression certification to suit your needs and convenience.

For inquiries : Local Autonomy & Safety Division of Songpa-gu Office  2147-2220

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