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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Take an autumn walk to discover love and health

The bountiful season of autumn has arrived. It brings with it an ideal, pleasant climate for any activity. Autumn adds to the beauty of Songpa. There is no need to travel far. Try creating unforgettable memories in this short but sweet season of autumn.

Your autumn journey begins with your first steps on the road.
Explore the expanses of green hills along the walking trail of Olympic Park and witness magnificent Baekje heritages on Mongchontoseong Path. Enjoy the tree-lined paths of Seokchon Lake, Seoul's only lake, and experience nature in the middle of the city along Songpasori Path. Encounter a different aspect of Songpa with each step along the road surrounded by a mellow autumn scent.

Take a walk on the yellow ginkgo leaf carpet of Wiryeseong Path / The yellow ginkgo leaf-lined Wiryeseong Path
Mongchontoseong Station → Olympic Park South Gate 4 → Bangi Elementary School Intersection → Olympic Village Apartment → Oryun Samgeori (3-way intersection)
5.3km / Takes approximately 1 hour

The ginkgo tree avenue stretches in a straight line to the right-hand side of the main gate of Olympic Park. Ginkgo leaves color the pavement yellow. The season of autumn enhances the beauty of the path, stretching out in a straight line over a distance of more than 800 to create a picturesque scenery. The fantastic yellow ginkgo tree tunnel and yellow ginkgo leaf carpet will lead you down memory lane.

Enjoy beautiful autumn foliage along the paths of Seokchon Lake
Seokchon Lake → Waterside Deck of the Meeting Place → Magic Island Entrance → Seoul Nori Madang → Seokchon Lake

3.11km / Takes approximately 40 minutes

Take a walk around East and West Seokchon Lake while listening to music. The paths feature an impressive night view of Lotte World, cafe-lined streets and Seoul Nori Madang, with families and couples visiting all year round. Maple trees blend with fields of reed to create a breathtaking lakeside scenery. During daytime, try strolling between the buildings to discover nature and enjoy the pleasant autumn breezes.

Discover history and culture along the trails of Olympic Park
Peace Plaza → Mongchonhaeja Music Fountain → Mongchontoseong Trail → 88 Lake → Deulggotmaru → Rose Plaza
3.5km / Takes approximately 1 hour

Olympic Park is an ideal place to escape from the confinement of urban life and enjoy relaxation in an open atmosphere. Walk past Soma Museum of Art, where you can enjoy art in a natural setting, and climb the hills of Mongchontoseong Fortress to the left to discover an open green field. Appreciate outdoor sculptures while enjoying the refreshing breezes and take a walk along the many trails of Mongchontoseong Fortress to make the most of the ripening autumn days.

Experience the beauty of autumn along Seongnaecheon Path
Macheongyo Bridge → Ogeum 1-gyo Bridge → Korea National Sport University Entrance → Mongchon Museum of History → Seongnaegyo Bridge → Gwangnaru Entrance
5.3km / Takes approximately 1 hour

A walk along Seongnaecheon Path can be described as "a tour of the natural ecosystem in an urban setting". The path offers a variety of aquatic plants and wildflowers that cannot be found in downtown areas. There are separate jogging paths and bicycle roads, and the Seongnaechon Mulbit Plaza allows visitors to experience the atmosphere of an ecological stream.

Be artistically inspired at Songpasori Path
Seokchon Lake → Peace Gate Plaza → Jangjicheon Entrance → Tancheon Confluence → Jamsildaegyo Bridge → Mongchontoseong Fortress → Songpa-gu Office
31.63km / Takes approximately 8 hours

There is an increasing number of people who are taking walks along Songpasori Path. It measures 31.63km in total and comprises several walking courses (courses take up to 3 hours) for everyone to enjoy at their leisure. Walk past Olympic Park, Seongnaecheon Stream and Jangjicheon Stream along lavish flower beds and refreshing rivers, and you will discover some of the greatest attractions of Songpa.

Inquiries: Green Transportation Division (02-2147-3120)

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