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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Songpa Silbeot-tteurak is open!

The choice for a happy senior years, ‘Songpa Silbeot-tteurak’

In the era of 100 year-old, a new change in senior generations is arising.
With baby boomers at its lead, seniors are becoming a "active senior" seeking for a more active and lively life style based on their economical capabilities.

This generation of seniors are characterized by their drive to pursue their second start through enjoying active senior activity culture.
But one of the biggest concerns of retired citizens is "there is nowhere to go."
Senior citizen community center is opened to citizens of age 65 and older and senior welfare center and senior classes are opened to citizens 60 and older limiting the younger senior citizens from utilizing the facilities.

Active and lively life... No time to be lonely and bored
To satisfy such demand, Songpa-gu has commenced the construction of the senior culture complex for the new senior generation "Songpa Silbeot-tteurak" from last July and is scheduled to be opened to the public in March.

Songpa Silbeot-tteurak is a word combining "silver + beot(friend) + tteurak (garden)" forming the 3rd safe house combining friends, campus and various activities that is more than a cafe.
As one can enjoy physical activities and learn various skills through hobbies and leisure programs, the center itself can be called a place more than a cafe.
The 3rd safe house is a concept that is extended from the 1st safe house (home) and 2nd safe house (work) offering a campus as well as community features to seniors.

Located at 42 Baekjegobun-ro 5 Songpa-gu, the Silbeot-tteurak is formed by remodeling the 4th, 5th and 6th floor of Songpa Women's Community Center.
The center features sharing and social contribution faculties such as the Life Double-cropping Support Center and Senior Club (4th floor,1,616㎡), well-being total health care service facilities such as Daycare Center & Wellness Club (5th floor,1,444㎡) and mixed generation combining culture facilities such as Cafe and Campus (6th floor, 1,444㎡) satisfying the various demands of seniors at one place.

As such, the Songpa Silbeot-tteurak will pursue the goals of "meeting, learning, utilizing" through various programs to help seniors prosper a new enjoyable and fun life.

Contact: Senior & Youth Division
              ☎ 02-2147-2920

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