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Friday, October 25, 2013

‘Songpa Geulmaru Library’ is open!

‘Geulmaru’ is a combination of ‘Geul (writing)’ and‘Maru (floor)’, meaning ‘the space in which local residents write and read freely,’ and ‘the space in which people can reach the top through writing.’
To live up to the name ‘Geulmaru,’ the library will be stocked with 100 thousand books and equipped with 573 seats so that the local residents can enjoy reading with comfort.

In addition, the Geulmaru library is expected to be one of the best libraries in Songpa district with its diverse services and programs such as interlibrary loan service, programs run mutually with libraries within region, support for small libraries, and various reading programs.

There are Children’s reading room, digital library, and space for reading programs on the 1st floor. On the 2nd floor, there is a ‘Humanity·Literature library’ equipped with various books in the field of history, literature, and social science. The natural science library is located on the 3rd floor.
Pleasant Reading in the Nature, the Opening of ‘Songpa Geulmaru Library’

Moreover, with‘seminar room’ and ‘audio-visual room’,‘book cafe’, and ‘snack bar’, the library provides the local residents with opportunities to enjoy their spare time and communicate with neighbours.

On the day of opening, there will be various reading experience events for local residents to participate, such as ‘Making a Candy House with Hansel and Gretel’,‘Photozone of the Main Characters from Fairy Tales’, ‘Exhibition of Fairy Tale Drawings’, and ‘Wooden Puppet Show’.
There will also be an event in which messages of over 100 participating local residents will be put in a time capsule .
The library will be open from 9am to 10pm and will be closed on Mondays and national holidays. Any Seoul citizen can use the library.
The integrated membership card for libraries within Songpa district needs to be issued in order for people to rent books .
One person can rent up to 3 books for 14 days.

Inquiry : Educational Cooperation division(☎2147-2360)

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