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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The 13th HanseongBaekje Cultural Festival

the Flower of Seoul’s History and Culture of 2,000 Years!
The 13th HanseongBaekje Cultural Festival
Time travel to the ancient kingdom HanseongBaekje, where 500 years of brilliant cultural heritages and arts blossomed with Songpa as its capital 2,000 years ago.
The 13th HanseongBaekje Cultural Festival will be held from October 3rd through the 6th for 4 days in the neighbourhood of Olympic Park.

With the venue expanded to the Global Village Square(in front of HanseongBaekje Museum), this year’s festival is filled with more fruitful programs than before.
We cordially invite you to the spectacular festival of 「HanseongBaekje, the flower of Seoul’s history and culture of 2,000 years!」

Opening, Closing Ceremony and Celebratory Performances, Baekje Village, History and Culture Street Parade, Honbul Lighting Ceremony, Baekje Ancient Tomb Ritual,
SongpaSandaenori (Korean Mask Drama), Musical ‘Yidohansan’(Procession of the King, Geunchogo), Walking Around the Fortress Wall of MongchonToseong, International Performance (Russian Youth Dance Group), HanmaeumEoulMadang with the Governing Bodies of Sub-Districts, DanuriHanmaeum Family Festival, Gochang Gut Hanmadang,Youth Music Club Festival, Nice Concert, Hoop-Rolling Contest,
Fringe Festival, Challenge! HanseongBaekje Scholar (OX Quiz)

October 3 (Thurs)~ 6 (Sun)2013 For 4 days
Venue : Peace Square at Olympic Park, PungnapGyungdangHistorical Park, HanseongBaekje Museum, etc.
Host/Supervision: Songpa District Office, Songpa Culture Institute/ Committee for HanseongBaekje Cultural Festival
Inquiry: Global Tourism Division ☎2147-2100

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