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Friday, April 24, 2015

11th Songpa Family Sports Festival

11th Songpa Family Sports Festival

Ten Thousand Athletes and Residents to Gather in Harmony May 7(Thu)
at Jamsil Sports Complex

The 11th Songpa Family Sports Festival will be held on Thursday, May 7 at the historic Auxiliary Stadium of Jamsil Sports Complex where the 1988 Seoul Olympics was held.

Under the banner of ‘Let’s Run Together, Songpa Family!’ this is a very meaningful
Festival where 670,000 residents intermingle and harmonize through sports.

At 9 a.m., events such as a Korean traditional percussion band and the marching band parade before the ceremony will announce the opening of the Festival.

Then, each ‘dong’ (district) team will make a distinct appearances followed by a torch-lighting ceremony and splendid performances of the traditional arts company and rhythmic gymnastic steam.

Actual Festival will begin with a team tug-of-war, and there will be heated competition in seven events, including: ▲Group rope skipping ▲cooperative ball bouncing ▲Tuho-throwing ▲obstacle race ▲400m relay ▲throwing balls into nets between blue and
white team.

Of special note, in this Festival, the 26 ‘dongs’ will be divided into blue and white teams, not as a competition between dongs like the previous competitions, in the theme of harmony over dong units. Large group events will be held for the first time in Korea.

Also, various experience programs and events are prepared for any resident to participate in.

Various events such as ▲large yut-game ▲face painting ▲caricature ▲instant photo corner ▲throwing balloons ▲samulnori experience, etc. are being arranged for the people to enjoy freely.

The Festival ends with the awards ceremony and performances. Awards will be presented for each events, entrance and cheering. Performances of popular singers and time for resident talent show are also being held. A day when the 670,000 residents
become one with sports! The 11th Songpa Family Sports Festival eagerly awaits your keen participation!

Inquiries: Culture & Sports Division(☎2147-2822),
11th Songpa Family Sports Festival Committee

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