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Monday, June 1, 2015

Amid waves of Taegeukgi, spreading national pride and love of country!

Waves of Taegeukgi(the national flag of Korea) fluttering on the Olympic Road in June.Holding a rally to celebrate security and a food tasting event commemorating theJune 25, 1950 Korean War.

June is Memorial Month in Korea, including Memorial Day, Anniversary day of the Korean War and the Second Battle of Yeonpyeong.

With the approach of Memorial Month, Songpa-gu raises the Taegeukgi and the
Veterans banner along both sidewalks and the median strip on the 3.9 km strip of the
Olympic Road from the front of the Peace Square of Olympic Park to Jamsil Sports
Complex. To inspire the love of our country based on the spirit of the fallen patriots,
Songpa-gu will hold these events throughout June.

Also, a free food-tasting event of the June 25 War and a photo exhibition related to
security will be held in the lobby (1st floor) of Songpa-gu office building at 10 a. m. on
Wednesday, June 24. The event will give children and local residents without the experience of the June 25 War the opportunity to experience indirectly the hard times. The Songpa Branch of the Korea Freedom League will arrange the events and proceed to taste barley rice balls, potatoes and others as the wartime food.

What's more, on display alongside the event, a photo exhibition related to security will give a chance to reflecting the significance of peace and the division of the Korean
Prior to this, the Korea War Veterans Association will hold special seminars on
security at the Songpa Women’s Culture Center. Members of nine Veterans groups will
participate in the seminars, adopt a resolution for renewing security consciousness, and
raise the spirit of patriotism. Experiencing the significant Memorial month of June, all
residents in Songpa-gu will be expected to meditate the devotion of patriotic martyrs for the country and raise awareness of the importance of security.

Inquiries: General Affairs division 2147-2120, Administrative Management Division
2147-2220, Welfare Policy Division 2147-2680.

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