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Friday, July 31, 2015

Songpa-gu takes measures against MERS, invigorating the local economy

Including early execution of the public budget and special loan support for micro-enterprises

The Songpa-gu Office is taking whatever actions are necessary to stimulate the local economy and improve the people’s welfare, which had been worsened by Middle East Respiration Syndrome(MERS) in recent months.

The district office executed emergency measures for economic invigoration and publicized the measures via SNS and IP-TV to attract district-wide participation from the residents.

The measures, which include providing 0.5 billion won in special loans for microenterprises, deducting local tax for MERS victims and expanding local jobs through the early execution of public works, are expected to do much to revive the local economy for the district’s residents.

For the travel industry, one of the hardest hit sectors in the district, the office is carrying out a promotional campaign and briefing session for bed & breakfast start-ups for foreign travelers. “1600 Pandas+,” a public art project which is being performed at the Seokchon Lake area for 30 days in July, is also expected to help vitalize the local travel industry.

The office also enhanced preventive measures against MERS for major public facilities,
ensuring a safe environment and ordinary daily life for the people, while executing a budget of 0.1 billion won in advance for the local economy.

For inpatients and those quarantined for MERS in Songpagu who have trouble with their
economic activities, the district office supplies daily necessities including foods and sanitary goods.

As the situation changes, Songpagu office will do its utmost to flexibly stimulate the local economy and execute whatever measures are necessary.

Inquiries: Planning and Budget Division 2147-2420

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