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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Songpa-gu Wins the Top Prize in the UN Public Service Awards

“Songpa Solar Nanum Power Plant” project, introducing the policy of the new concept of environment + welfare service, recognized by the world.

Songpa-gu won the UN Public Service Awards 2015 for its Songpa Solar Nanum Power Plant project. UN Public Service Awards (UNPSA) is the most prestigious international recognition of excellence in public service.

Songpa-gu submitted its Songpa Solar Nanum Power Plant project in the category of ‘Improving the Delivery of Public Services’ and was selected as the winner in the final review by the Committee of Expert on Public Administration (CEPA).

Songpa-gu has been inducted into the BSC Hall of Fame and crowned with five awards in the environment category by international institutions (2009 Livcom Awards, 2011 Globe Awards, 2011 Energy Globe Awards, 2012 International Green Awards, 2013 International Green Apple Awards), and also was selected as the excellent city of World Electronic Government in November last year by ‘WeGO Awards.’

Songpa won UN Public Service Awards which is known as the "Nobel Prize in public service" and recognized again as a globally prestigious local government which has won the most number of international awards in Korea.

It is expected that Songpa will become a new model leading sustainable energy efficiency and welfare in the international community beyond Korea by presenting the excellence of the Songpa Solar Nanum Power Plant, and it plans to implement sustainable energy welfare policies through exchange and cooperation with energy underprivileged countries and international organizations.

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