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Thursday, October 1, 2015

2015 15th Hanseong Baekje Cultural Festival

15th Hanseong Baekje Cultural Festival to be held from Oct. 8 (Thu) to 11(Sun).

The 15th Hanseong Baekje Cultural Festival will be held for 4 days, from October 8 to 11, around Olympic Park.

The Hanseong Baekje Cultural Festival was selected as a promising festival by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for 2 consecutive years and was awarded the best prize in three fields in the 2015 Korea Pinnacle Awards.

This year, the festival has prepared even more diverse programs. The dreams of
Hanseong Baekje embrace the world!

We cordially invite you to this splendid place of festivity.

Oct. 8 (Thu) Opening ceremony, congratulatory performances 19:00/ Peace Plaza Main Stage 

Opening ceremony and congratulatory performances, including the gala show of Songpa’s Original Musical “The Son of Hawk” that signals the beginning of the festival,

Oct. 9 (Fri) Hanseong Baekje Eowul Madang 16:00 /Peace Plaza Main Stage

A place of harmony and unity for residents with splendid performances by great program recitals from 27 neighborhood community centers and enthusiastic cheers.

Oct. 10 (Sat)
Hanseong Baekje Good Concert 19:00 /
Peace Plaza Main Stage

A concert to fund music education support for those beyond the cultural elite along with those in less fortunate countries.

Oct. 11 (Sun)Historic and Cultural Street Parade 16:00/Wiryeseong-daero

A street parade that will reenact the glory and emotions of the Baekje Kingdom.

Closing ceremony and Fireworks 19:00 /
Peace Plaza Main Stage

Fabulous congratulatory performances and fantastic fireworks mark the finale of the festival and promise Songpa’s takeoff.

Standing Events
Hanseong Baekje Experience Village 10:00 /
Sculpture Park

A village where you can have a realistic experience of the living conditions of the Hanseong Baekje people.

Hanseong Baekje Food Representation 10:00 /
Front yard of Hanseong Baekje Museum

A place that represents the simple but tasty food of the Hanseong Baekje people.

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