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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Safe City Songpa : Songpa District prevents crime with designs

   Safe City Songpa : Songpa District prevents crime with designs

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) refers to a crime prevention
method used in advanced countries that decreases the crime rate by controlling the
environmental and circumstantial opportunities required for crimes in advance.

Songpa District has introduced CPTED and is putting efforts into improving the local
residents’ life quality by decreasing the elements that induce crimes in places vulnerable to crimes.

The introduction of CPTED is changing the streets of Songpa District. Security CCTVs
have been expanded in crime hot spots.

In addition, pruning work has been done to secure security sight, road markings to show
Women Home Safe Street, alley security lights have been changed to LED lights, and old walls have been replaced with murals.

Last May, Songpa District signed the “Safe Songpa without Crimes Work Agreement” with Songpa Police Station and promised to share CPTED roles and put in mutual efforts.

As a result, Songpa District has secured a government budget of 150 million won assigned to the National Policy Agency and installed CCTVs in 10 places that cause lots of civil complaints.

Recently, Songpa District enacted the “Seoul Metropolitan City Songpa District Crime
Prevention Environmental Design Ordinance” and provided for grounds to systematically pursue CPTED.

Meanwhile, Songpa District is also applying CPTED when permitting the reconstruction or construction of apartment buildings and houses, putting efforts into establishing a
safer city life environment.

Songpa District received grade 1, the highest grade in the fields of traffic accidents
and fire, in the Local Safety Index issued by the Ministry of Public Safety and Security
last July. Furthermore, Songpa District is actively taking the initiative in improving
Songpa’s brand value by recovering and improving risk factors in everyday lives in

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