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Monday, February 1, 2016

Songpa traditional market, with various types of food and friendly people!

The Songpa traditional market is preparing to greet customers with
numerous events including pungmulnori, a singing contest, and a big sale

Traditional Market New Year's Events 

5 traditional markets and Munjeongdong’s
Rodeo Shopping center in Songpa district is preparing for the nation's biggest holiday season, Seol, with various events and lots to see.

For the '2016 New Year's Traditional Market Event', collaborative sale events will be provided so that customers can prepare for the holidays with good prices. In addition, customers will also be entertained by various events, such as a singing contest, drawing
lots, etc.
Employment & Economic Affairs Division 2147-2500

A direct dealing market will open on Feb. 2~3 in front of the district office

New Year's agricultural, fishery, and livestock direct dealing market will be held in front of the district office and the adjacent street on February 2-3. Eighteen sister cities from all over the nation including Danyang will participate in the market to sell over 300 types of ritual materials and local specialties, such as apples, pears, jujubes, dried persimmons, dried seaweed, dried yellow corvina, grains, salted seafood, beef, and Korean snacks, all at inexpensive prices.

Come visit the market to buy great products and feel the nostalgia of a traditional marketplace while preparing for the national holiday.

Employment & Economic Affairs Division 2147-2500

How to dispose of domestic waste during the holiday

Resource collect on facilities and the capital area landfill site will be closed during the holidays. Please respect the following details and wait until after the holidays to dispose of waste. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

Period to refrain from disposal (all types of waste): Feb. 6 (Sat) ~ 10 (Wed)
Normal disposal (on designated days): Feb. 10 (after 20:00)

Resource Recycling Division 2147-2840

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