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Monday, January 4, 2016

Best Wishes for a Happy New Year !

The first sunrise of 2016, 
greeted on Mangwolbong in Mongchontoseong Fortress

On the first day of 2016, the New Year’s Hanmadang Festival will be
held on Mangwolbong in Mongchontoseong Fortress, in Olympic Park. Mangwolbong is a hill bearing the meaning "moon greeting peak."

Mangwolbong appears in a poem of Seogeojeong, who was a writer in the early
Joseon period and was a popular moon greeting spot for classical scholars in the Joseon Dynasty.

Since the sunrise can now be observed along the clear view of the ridge, it is a great place for greeting the sunrise within the city where over 8,000 local residents can gather and wish for family members’ health and prosperity and make New Year’s resolutions.
The sunrise greeting event will begin at 7 a.m., starting with a percussion performance that pierces through the dawn.

There will also be a sunrise greeting song, congratulatory poemreading,
wish lantern-flying, firebird performance, hope grand chorus, and sunrise greeting big
drum-striking to provide with great emotion of greeting the first sunrise in the New Year.

In addition, there will be various experience events such as writing down New Year’s resolutions, striking the big drum, traditional games, and traditional kite-flying, along with numerous collateral events such as writing the first writing of the year and fortune
telling so that local residents can receive the New Year’s hopeful energy with their family and friends.

The New Year’s Hanmadang Festival to be held on Mangwolbong in Mongchontoseong Fortress that served as the capital of Hanseong Baekje for 493 years and embraces the breath of Baekje is expected to be a festivity that wishes for health and unity of 670,000 Songpa-gu residents.

New Year’s Hanmadang
· Date : Jan. 1 (Fri), 2016 07:00~08:15
· Venue : Mangwolbong in Olympic Park

Culture & Sports Division 2147-2800

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