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Thursday, May 12, 2016

2016 Songpagu Village Story Contest

2016 Songpagu Village Story Contest
Please send us unknown stories of our village

Songpagu holds 'Songpagu Village Story Contest' to use forgotten and unknown stories in conjunction with the project to find new contents for the development of walking tour courses. 

There are four areas for the story contest for walking tour course contents-stories of Songpagu, materials such as photos and literature, new commentation course and story-telling, and free course. 

Anybody with a story about Songpagu area can participate and in the assessment, 52 works will be chosen considering the structure, level of completion, accuracy, and originality of the works. 

Application is until May 31, and to make an application, visit Songpagu Office homepage
(, download a copy of exhibition application form, a copy of consent of using personal information, and a copy of the form for each contest area-and submit them by visiting in person or through mail or email.

[Outline of the Contest]
○ Contents of the contest
- Stories within the village of Songpagu(folktales and fables)
- Various relevant materials(photos, literature, etc.) 
- Ideas about new courses (commentation course, free course) 

Application: ~ Tuesday, May 31, 2016
○ Area: whole areas in Songpagu 
How to apply: 
Songpagu Office homepage( - notification/announcement - download application and submit in person, by mail (International Tourism Division, Songpagu Office, 8th floor) or email( )
Awards: 14.5 million won in total (awarded to 52 works)  

total: 52
grand Prize : 1
top prize : 2
excellence award : 4
participation award : 15
honorable mention (around 30 works)
14.5 million won
3 million won
1 million won respectively
0.5 million won respectively
0.3 million won respectively
Onnuri gift certificate 0.1 million won respectively

[Categories of the Contest]

Type of Contest
history and other stories
-stories passed down in Songpagu such as folktales, fables, history, etc.
-all kinds of stories related to villages, roads, or places in Songpagu
materials related to Songpagu(photos, literature, etc.)
- various materials such including literature and photos about history, culture, life aspects, people, modern and contemporary history
new commentation course and story-telling
- compose the commentation course including 5 main tourist destinations within 2 hour limit
free course(ideas for course development)
- compose the course with a theme or a place including at least 4 main tourist destinations within 1~2 hour limit

Global Tourism Division ☎82-2-2147-2100

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