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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Recruiting Participants for 2016 Hanseong Baekje Cultural Festival

The award winner of the Pinnacle Awards Korea (5 sectors)
Recruiting Participants for 
2016 Hanseong Baekje Cultural Festival

The major festival of Seoul, Hanseong Baekje Cultural Festival, which was
selected by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as the promising festival
for three years in a row, will be held in the whole area of Peace Plaza, Olympic
Park, for four days from (Thu.) October 6th to (Sun.) October 9th. Participants
are recruited for each sector without restrictions on region in accordance to the
spirit of the festival that says "The residents and tourists are the main characters
of the festival". Particularly, as the Hanseong Baekje National Creative Children's
Song Festival, Hanseong Baekje Relics Tour on Hodori Train, and others won
the best awards in five different sectors of Pinnacle Awards Korea, we hope that
many Korean and foreign visitors will participate in the Hanseong Baekje
Cultural Festival, which continues to develop as a global historic and cultural
festival as years go by.

Culture and Sports Division 2147-2815

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