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Friday, August 26, 2016

SUPER MOON 2016, a Super-sized Public Art Project

SUPER MOON 2016, a Super-sized Public Art Project

“Make a wish on the moon over the Seokchon Lake.”

In September 2016, a super-sized artificial moon will
hang in the sky over the Seokchon Lake as part of the
SUPER MOON 2016 public art project, which will no
doubt become the talk of the town, much as the famous
Rubber Duck did in 2014.

The American artist group ‘Friendswithyou’ will
display a 20m-diameter moon and stars over the
Seokchon Lake, Jamsil, a celebration of the moon as
the best friend of the Earth. This project is a
continuation of the ongoing public art project in
collaboration with the Lotte Group begun in 2014, and
it is expected to give citizens amazement, fortune, and

The Super Moon 2016 Project, which will be the first
of its kind, will move to other places all over the world
after its display in Jamsil, Seoul. Locals and visitors
come see the moon, helping to make Songpa-gu a
place long remembered by visitors.
All activities carried out in connection with the Super
Moon 2016 Project are free. On weekends, mascots
dressed up as eye-catching characters will greet visitors
to the Seokchon Lake. It is customary for Asians to
make wishes on the full moon. Why don’t you spend
some time at the Seokchon Lake with your lover or
family members in the lovely atmosphere created by
the full moon?

· Place: The Seokchon Lake and the Lotte World Mall
· Period: Sept. 1 through Oct. 3
· Hours of operation: 10:30 AM through 10:00 PM
· Homepage:
· For inquiries, please call the Division of Culture and
Sports of the Songpa-Gu Office (2147-2800)

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