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Friday, November 25, 2016

Seoul City Tour’s Gangnam Course extended to Songpa
The city tour bus stops at Lotte World Tower and Olympic Parka, nd offers new spectacles with night time bus services

Seoul city tour’s Gangnam course will be extended to Songpa, and night time bus services will start.
The operation route will be extended by 2.5㎞ to a total of 25.3㎞, and the number of bus stops will increase from 19 to 21.
There has been a high demand for improvement of the Gangnam course, as less tourists use the Gangnam course compared to the Gangbuk course, which includes royal palaces. Therefore, Jamsil Special Tourist Zone, will be included in the Gangnam course as shopping and culture areas where Lotte World Tower and Olympic Park are located. Now, Jamsil Special Tourist Zone has two city tour bus services, along with the course
running from Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station to Seongsu-dong (Ttukseom Island) to Jamsil areas.
Therefore, the course is expected to drastically attract visitors from the Gangnam area as well as from the Dongdaemun area. The open-top city tour buses and trolley buses similar to old streetcars, which will boost the fun of the city tour. Users can transfer at Jamsil to “Seoul Highlight Course,” which runs through Gangnam and Gangbuk, and the fee will be discounted by 50%. Now, Jamsil Special Tourist Zone has become one of Seoul’s major tourist attractions both in name and reality. It is expected that our district’s various tourist projects will gain some momentum and thus have positive effects with the extension of the service route

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