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Friday, August 30, 2013

Lavish Chuseok!l

It is now getting close to Chuseok and the traditional markets are getting animated preparing to welcome visitors.

The traditional markets within Songpa-gu will be holding various [Chuseok Events] from September 6th to 13th to celebrate Korea’s biggest national holiday, Chuseok.

The traditional markets are putting their best efforts in providing a pleasant shopping experience to the visitors, planning various special programs such as special sale on the ritual materials, joint-shop-sale, family-shopping Experience Event, and live performances.

There will also be different benefits provided, such as gift cards and shopping bags, in order for the visitors to enjoy the surprise fortunes along with the joy of visiting traditional markets.

It will be a meaningful Chuseok to prepare for Chuseok at traditional markets with children by seeing the sights of the markets and experiencing diverse events and performances, on top of being able to get high quality products.

Get your heart filled, as well as your Chuseok table.

Prepare for ancestor-memorial rites at traditional markets!

ㆍ Bangi Market (Tel. 070-8953-3811) : Sept. 6-7
ㆍ Macheon Central Market (Tel. 448-2808) : Sept. 9-11
ㆍ Seokchon Market (Tel. 414-8784) : Sept. 9-11
ㆍ Saemaeul Market (Tel. 2203-4949) : Sept. 6-7
ㆍ Pungnap Market (Tel. 070-8792-4500) : Sept. 9-13
ㆍ Munjeong Rodeo Shopping District (Tel. 400-1633) : Sept. 9-Oct. 6
Inquiry: Economic Promotion Division (Tel. 2147-2500)

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